While the concept of term life insurance is quite well established, not everyone acts in a timely manner or benefits from the product. HDFC Life, a private player in India, has launched a customer testimonial-based campaign that intends to showcase the need for term plans in these challenging times. The #Decision2Protect campaign will showcase stories and experiences of policyholders and will be narrated by the policyholders.
As part of its research activity, the company spoke to existing policyholders to understand their reasons for choosing a term plan. This exercise not only offered insights but also brought to the fore powerful stories that are relatable to a larger audience, which in turn created the foundation for the testimonial campaign.

HDFC Life senior EVP (sales) and CMO Pankaj Gupta said that the company created the campaign around policyholders who benefited from its life insurance products. “These policyholders share their thoughts about how the product worked and enabled them to continue living their lives fully, despite the uncertainties that they faced. These powerful themes are universal and we feel confident they will resonate with the larger community,” he said. 

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