Vehicle owners will, in a pilot programme, receive messages from the Transport Department if their vehicles lack third party liability insurance or the policy has expired.
The pilot, run by the IRDAI, operates in some states including Karnataka, Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi, reported Times of India. IRDAI’s goal is to increase compulsory insurance coverage.

The Insurance Information Bureau has details of all insured vehicles whereas the central government’s Vahan database has details of all registered vehicles. The transport departments in each state can easily find out which vehicle is uninsured by matching the the data from these two sources, said Ms Yegna Priya Bharat, chief general manager at IRDAI.

She said the messages are sent to the mobile numbers linked to the vehicle registration number. She advised that if those who have sold their vehicles were to receive such messages, they were to contact the new owner. Otherwise, messages and citations for the new owner will keep landing at the former owner’s address.

IRDAI member Ms TL Alamelu said that currently at least 40% of the vehicles on India’s roads lack mandatory third party insurance cover. “Nearly 80% of two-wheelers don’t have the insurance cover,” she pointed out. Officials from General Insurance Council also cited how the insurance coverage of vehicles is higher in urban areas (nearly 89%) due to presence of traffic police and other enforcement agencies.


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