The Japanese general insurer has entered a three-year partnership with Conservation International Asia-Pacific (CIAP) as part of its efforts to drive its sustainability efforts in the region
MSIG Asia will support conservation efforts in its six core markets in the Asia-Pacific region and raising awareness about the value of biodiversity and nature, it announced in a statement on Wednesday.
Asia’s economic development and rapid population growth has been accompanied by unsustainable practices, poorly managed fisheries and deforestation, which can threaten human livelihoods. MSIG said the sustainability of society depends on business models that conserve natural capital, and targeted the conservation of approximately 9,500 hectares of forest, equivalent to about 13,000 soccer fields, and 72,500 hectares of ocean, which is slightly larger than the size of Singapore. 
«This partnership is a step forward to transform our biodiversity concerns into tangible actions by consolidating our on-ground activities, conservation efforts and communication across Asia to protect, conserve and enhance our natural capital with a global non-profit leader that has the expertise and knowledge to create a nature-positive economy,» Alan J. Wilson, deputy head of international business, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Japan), said in the announcement.
Engagement Activities
The collaboration between MSIG Asia and CIAP will include activities such as biodiversity conservation talks, volunteer efforts and engagement activities within local communities aimed at engaging stakeholders including MSIG’s employees, intermediaries and customers in biodiversity conservation.
MSIG Asia is also launching a knowledge portal that spotlights biodiversity conservation, featuring informative resources, including a carbon footprint calculator hosted by Conservation International, and educational content that explains biodiversity, its value to people and how it can be maintained and protected.

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