The Insurance Association of China (IAC) has said that it is necessary for insurers to open a green channel for handling insurance claims related to medical treatment of those afflicted with the Wuhan coronavirus, to ensure timely and efficient claims services.
Insurers urged to increase online claim processing

The IAC says that out-of-pocket customers who are infected by the new coronavirus can be paid their claims first and complete the required documentation later. It adds that insurers should simplify the claims process, increase online claim capacity, reduce handling of offline claims, and avoid unnecessary physical contact.

The association also says that insurers should pro-actively seek out policyholders through various channels, especially in areas with severe epidemic conditions such as Hubei Province, and strive to settle claims. Insurers are also to maintain 24-hour channels to receive claims applications, and ensure that hotline personnel provide advice.

The IAC urges insurers to offer exclusive insurance products and services to medical and disease control personnel and their families, to provide them coverage in the event they contract the coronavirus.


Insurers are also told to donate money or supplies to major epidemic areas, such as masks, goggles, and protective clothing needed in epidemic prevention. The IAC says that it will collect data on donations made by its members. In this respect, many insurers have announced the donations they are making, including free medical and death insurance coverage to healthcare personnel.


The IAC has yet to disclose insured losses caused by the outbreak. Several insurers, though, have announced that they have paid insurance compensation in respect of those who died from coronavirus pneumonia or who have received medical treatment. The insurers include Ping An, New China, BoCommlife and Xintai.


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