Vietnam has been found to lack comprehensive solutions to encourage the purchase of voluntary social insurance among migrant workers, reported state-owned Vietnam News Agency citing a statement from minister of labour, invalid and social affairs Dao Ng?c Dung.
He told Vietnam News Agency in a recent interview that only 270,000 rural-to-urban migrant workers have bought voluntary social insurance which meant only 0.8% of a total 34m migrant worker population purchased it.

At the same time, only 6,000 migrant workers from approximately 500,000 Vietnamese migrant workers working abroad have bought voluntary social insurance according to Vietnam Social Security department of collection deputy head Dinh Duy Hung.

This case of underinsurance can be attributed to gaps in policy implementation, said Southern Institute of Social Sciences president Thanh Sang.

He said that there were many barriers preventing migrant workers from buying voluntary social insurance such as the mechanism of social management by household registration and limitations of policy distribution. Implementing the policies via household registration was, in fact, ineffective when workers moved elsewhere to find work, he noted.

Inappropriate methods of policy distribution and lack of awareness were also responsible for the low penetration of social insurance, said the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs social insurance department deputy head Tran Hai Nam.

To tackle the problem, he said that migrant workers should be educated on the importance of social insurance via the Youth Union, Women’s Union and Farmers Association rather than via television or radio. Managerial agencies were also advised to come up with comprehensive solutions to address the situation.

While the government had carried out a policy of financial support for voluntary social insurance participants, Mr Tran said that the support levels should be increased.


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