Taiwan’s national health insurance premium rate has been increased from 4.69% previously to 5.17% since 1 January.
Minister of Health and Welfare Mr Chen Shih-chung states that the rates will be maintained at least through 2022, adding that the supplementary national health insurance premium rate is also increased from 1.91% to 2.11% from the beginning of this year.

He says that the increases are necessary to make up the losses incurred by the National Health Insurance Programme, which is expected to be in deficit by NT$77.1bn ($2.7bn) and see its reserve fund exhausted by the end of this year, reported Central News Agency.

The premium rate was last revised in 2016, when it was reduced from 5.17% to 4.69%, while the rate for the supplementary national health insurance premium was cut from 2% to 1.91% at the same time.

On average, employees see their national health insurance premium increase by NT$63 per month, with 70% having to pay an increase of less than NT$70 per month, he said.

However, the 1.26m people who receive a full government subsidy under the programme are unaffected by the premium rate hikes.



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