One third of India’s population is likely to suffer from hypertension, with around 20% of the rural populace too becoming victims, say health experts.
Hypertension is becoming an epidemic and every person with a blood pressure count of 140/90 is considered to be in the hypertensive category, according to a report on the medical information platform, Medical Dialogues.”Currently, estimates show that incidence of hypertension is 20-40% in urban areas and 12-17% in rural areas,” said Pratik Soni, cardiologist consultant at Mumbai-based Wockhardt Hospital.

According to doctors, 90% of patients suffering from hypertension are not aware of their health condition that is a major cause of kidney disease .

As for the major reasons behind the increase in hypertension in the population, Abhay Vispute, medical director at SRV Hospital, said, those identified are “eating late, excessive time spent on smartphones by youngsters who seem to be living in a virtual world instead of physically walking around and communicating with people, sedentary lifestyles etc”.

A separate study published in the British Medical Journal last month said, “The results suggest hypertension is no longer a disease of the rich. The distribution of the condition is changing, disproportionately affecting the economically disadvantaged in urban areas of more developed states such as Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir and most northeastern states.” 

The prevalence of hypertension was highest in the northeastern states: Sikkim (20.2%), Nagaland (17.6%), Assam (17.6%), Arunachal Pradesh (16.6%) and Tripura (15.4%). Prevalence was very high in a few other states like Jammu and Kashmir (15.8%), Punjab (14.8%), Himachal Pradesh (14.8%) and Telangana (14.2%).

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