The small village of Balmoral, south-west of Sydney, has been all but wiped out by the Green Wattle Creek firestorm that has roared through the area twice in three days.
Dozens of properties have been destroyed in the small neighborhood of Balmoral which is 120km (75 miles) from Sydney.
The New South Wales community was already reeling after being hit on when the flames returned on Saturday (December 21) during catastrophic fire conditions.
Altogether over 2.5 million hectares of land has been burned during unprecedented bushfires across the country. The amount of claims for insurers is likely to be well in excess of A$200 million (US$138 million) so far.
A mix of a long drought, climate change and record heatwaves have contributed to one of the worst fire seasons in Australia’s history.
Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison has been widely criticised for going on holiday to Hawaii during the fires and also not acting on climate change.

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