The Chinese authorities have approved a draft of the country’s first regulation covering the use of medical insurance funds.
The draft regulation defines the rights and responsibilities of medical-insurance authorities, designated medical institutions and the insured, reported Xinhua News Agency.

The draft also stipulates timely settlement of medical bills and prompt allocation of insurance funds.

According to the proposed regulation, insurance fraud will be punished by various means, including fines and the revocation of medical certificates.

So far, 10 provincial-level regions, including Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, have established special institutions for the supervision of medical-insurance funds, said the National Healthcare Security Administration.

“The service-oriented draft aims to strengthen and optimise the oversight of medical insurance funds, which is of great importance to protecting people’s legitimate rights to medical insurance,” said Ying Yazhen, deputy head of a national healthcare security research institute co-managed by the administration

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