With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing professionals from travelling and performing on-site inspections at factories and warehouses, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance has decided to offer an online-based remote loss prevention service for corporate clients as a complementary support measure.
The non-life insurer has remotely analysed the risk of accidents for seven clients since the launch of the service in May, according to news agency NNA Japan citing loss prevention and technology strategy team official Ai Takao.

Through its partnership with online visual assistance service firm SightCall, Tokio Marine & Nichido is catering to the needs of four clients overseas and three locally with the remote-loss prevention service.

The service features risk assessment based on ergonomics such as human behavioural patterns and risks pertaining to them to control reckless actions at such facilities.

The insurer aims to reduce accidents and subsequent damages, and compensation through pre-emptive examinations and measures – hoping to lead to a decrease in insurance premiums paid by clients.

“We can assess potential risks at each facility and advise policyholders depending on analyses of behavioural patterns which vary from nation to nation and culture to culture, such as designated colours of warning signage and brightness of rooms,“ said Tokio Marine & Nichido manager and ergonomics expert Hisaki Ematsu.

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