With the government planning to scale up the use of drones in the current COVID-19 pandemic, HDFC Ergo, a private non-life player has partnered with tech start-up TropoGo, to launch the country’s first-of-its-kind policy for drone-owners in India.
While the world has come to a grinding halt due to the pandemic, drones are proving to be efficient and beneficial for public surveillance, crowd monitoring and even for delivery of essentials like medicines.

Moreover, the use of drones may also become central to various functions of different businesses in future where humans may be unable to perform the tasks. The insurance plan offers commercial drone owners and operators third-party-liability claims cover for property damage and bodily injuries. This policy is the first-of-its-kind in the non-life insurance segment in India which will be offered on-demand to customers on ‘pay-as-you-fly’ concept.

Despite the advantages that drones offer to commercial users, the safety of third-party assets remains unanswered. Addressing this need, the new insurance policy provides commercial drone owners/operators third-party-liability claims cover which may be incurred while conducting activities like survey, mapping, monitoring, disaster relief initiatives, civil administration services, use during festivals and events, property management and travel and tourism purposes among others.

This cover will be offered to registered drone owners and operators holding a commercial drone pilot’s certificate or a license issued by certified training schools in India.

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