Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific), a private insurer in Hong Kong is offering extra COVID-19 protection benefit to insurance plans in its “360° Protection Series”.
Customers who sign up for the plan by 31 July 2020 can enjoy not only a first year premium discount of up to 50%, but also a free additional COVID-19 protection benefit, including a cash allowance of up to HK$36,000 and an extended coverage period up to 31 December 2020.

Customers who successfully enrol in either Maidsafe Insurance, HomeSafe Protection Insurance or LovePet Insurance online will also be entitled to a Blue Cross Reusable Mask Set.

The pandemic has had varying degrees of impact on communities, with the working class bearing the brunt of it. According to the census and statistics department, Hong Kong’s unemployment rate recently reached a 10-year high of 5.2%, which means it may take job seekers and job changers longer to find a new job.

Blue Cross’ job changer medical protection plan provides the insured with an extra coverage period of up to three months. If customers enrol in a plan with a six-month coverage period, they will now get an additional coverage of three months. “In other words, together with the original coverage, customers can enjoy medical coverage for a total of nine months, which can help fill the health protection gap during their employment break,” said Mr Wan.

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