The South Korean government plans to provide a roadmap for the universal employment insurance system by end-2020 to remove any ‘blind spots’, reported Yonhap News Agency citing a statement from labour minister Lee Jae-gap.
Following the roadmap, the government is expected to hold discussions and expand the scope of employment insurance beneficiaries in phased steps.

The announcement comes after moves by the ruling party and the presidential office highlighted the need to reinforce the insurance scheme in order to enable all economically-active citizens to file for unemployment claims when they lose their jobs.

Several categories of non-regular workers, freelance and self-employed workers as well as other vulnerable workers hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic were found to have a lack of financial protection.

While South Korea’s employment insurance programme was introduced in 1995 as the main employment safety net for workers in regular workplaces of certain sizes, non-standard contract employees, freelancers, artists, self-employed and other vulnerable workers are not obliged to subscribe to employment insurance.

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