ZA Insure, a digital-only insurance platform, yesterday launched its flagship products ZA Life Protection, ZA Cancer Protection and ZA Heart Attack & Stroke Protection so as to offer Hong Kong citizens personalised coverage, which “everyone can afford”.
Users of ZA Insure can enjoy simple and convenient 24/7 services that safeguard themselves and their loved ones.

The move follows a digital-only insurance licence received by ZA Life on 4 May from the Hong Kong Insurance Authority. ZA Insure is the trade name of ZA Life, a joint venture between ZA International and Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong).

With affordability being one of the key appeals, the products aim to provide more suitable protection for customers in need. For example, with an annual premium as low as HK$32 ($4.1) and no health check-up required, ZA Life Protection can provide the insured with up to HK$100,000 of life coverage.

In consideration of consumers who are unable to benefit from cancer protection because of their family medical history, ZA Insure through ZA Cancer Protection pledges not to raise premiums or decline insurance applications due to family history. With no family history declaration required and a premium as low as HK$71 per year, the product offers a lump-sum cancer claim that also covers early-stage cancer.

The market currently lacks stand-alone protection on heart diseases and stroke. Consumers are only able to acquire such coverage by purchasing critical illness products that are relatively higher priced. To provide users with greater flexibility, ZA Insure has created Hong Kong’s first heart disease and stroke insurance product, ZA Heart Attack & Stroke Protection. With an annual premium as low as HK$2 and, again, no family history required, the product offers targeted coverage to users, allowing more people in need to obtain the most suitable protection.

Mr Wayne Xu, CEO of ZA Insure, said, “A large part of our population still remains uninsured, and many consumers fail to get the protection that meets their specific needs due to expensive premiums and various factors such as family medical history and coverage plans that are lack of flexibility. This has made us constantly reflect on the role and purpose of insurance.”

He added, “With our cost advantage and innovation empowered by technology, we should take on the mission to provide protection for a wider population through affordable and personalised insurance products.”

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